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Items needed upon enrollment:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Up to date Florida Shot Record

  • Up to date Florida Physical/Health Certificate

  • Application

  • Registration Fee

  • Parent Affirmation

  • Signed Flu Pamphlet

Note: You obtain shot records and health certificates from your child's Pediatrician. They are welcome to fax these documents to the Preschool at 904-425-8992, but most require that you pick them up in person. Out-of-State up to date records are acceptable for the first 30 days your child attends the preschool, after that you will be required to submit new records from a Florida Pediatrician for your child to remain in attendance.

Enrollment Application: Filling out the Application does not guarantee your child's enrollment. Enrollment happens after a tour of the preschool has taken place and a registration fee is paid.